How to Apply

The application will require you to answer standard questions, upload Work Samples and Supporting Materials, and finally, add your Work Samples and Supporting Materials to your application. We recommend that you give yourself plenty of time to work through the application.

Please read these instructions carefully. You must complete these steps in order:

  1. First, create a login and answer eligibility questions. You may go to the 'Frequently Asked Questions' tab in the main menu bar to review eligibility criteria.
  2. At the bottom of the ‘Login’ page, click ‘Click here to create a new profile.’
  3. Fill in your information and create your username and password. IMPORTANT: Keep your username and password in a safe place, as you may need to log in and out of the system several times while completing an application. You will also use the same username and password to apply for future NACF grant opportunities. 
  4. Click the 'Submit' button.
  5. Once you are logged in: In the main menu bar, click the 'Current Programs and Applications' tab. 
  6. Click 'START Intent to Apply'. Respond to the eligibility questions and click 'Save Work,' 'Next' and then the 'Submit' button on the following page.
  7. If you meet the eligibility criteria, click on 'Current Programs & Applications' and click the option 'Start...' to start the application. This option will change to 'Edit...' so you may edit your application at a later time.
  8. Upload your work samples to banks in the 'Manage Work Samples' tab. This tab is only accessible once you have set up your login. Within this tab, you will upload all images, audio, video, or written documents necessary for an application. The "banks" hold all your work samples and supporting materials; you will be able to access them for any future NACF grant applications. You can manage and update your "banks" at any time; and please note your work sample banks are only accessible to you
  9. Answer all required questions on each page of the application. Remember to carefully read the instructions on each page and save your responses on each page before clicking 'Next.'
  10. Select work samples to attach to your application: After you have uploaded all required images, audio, video and/or written documents to your 'work samples bank', you must then select your materials from these banks to attach them to your application on the "Work Samples and Supporting Materials Selections" page of the application. Simply uploading files to your work samples banks is NOT attaching them to your application.
  11. Once you have answered all required questions and attached all required support materials, you may submit your application. Applications must be complete with all required support materials attached and submitted by the deadline in order to be reviewed.